Appetizers & Salads


Baked Formaggio
baked goat cheese in marinara with pesto
& pine nuts served with toast points

Cheesy Garlic Bread /
Pesto Cheesy Garlic Bread

house made roasted red pepper hummus dip
served with house made flatbread

Meatballs (3)
house made meatballs in marinara with
melted mozzarellatopped with fresh basil
served with toast points

Spicy Garlic Prawns
prawns roasted in olive oil, garlic &
red pepper flakes served with toast points

sandwiches are served with
mixxed greens or caesar

Ham & Cheese
hickory smoked ham & gruyere cheese

Monsieur Sr.
hickory smoked ham, roasted red peppers,
gruyere & pesto

Chicken Pesto
willie bird smoked chicken breast,
sundried tomatoes, goat cheese & pesto

house made meatballs on soft roll
with marinara & provolone

Roast Beef
house made, roasted beef, chimichurri & crème fraiche 

Sweet Heater Sando
chicken breast, bacon, diced jalapenos,
smoked gouda, b.b.q. tomato sauce & mozzarella



Mixxed Greens
balsamic vinaigrette, point reyes blue cheese
crumbles & kalamata olives

anchovy on request
with chicken or sliced meatballs additional
with roasted garlic prawns additional

The Wedge
iceberg wedge topped with
point reyes blue cheese dressing,
diced tomatoes & bacon

Roasted Beet
house roasted beets with mixxed greens,
endive & goat cheese 

William Tell
arugula, endive, granny smith apples, point reyes blue cheese crumbles,
candied walnuts & bacon